Environmentally Friendly

Alumicor has provided state-of-the-art anodizing since 1976. This high capacity, environmentally friendly process produces a fine degree of colour uniformity and coating consistency. Anodizing is available in a range of standard colours such as clear, bronze and black.

Exceptionally large tanks will accommodate large architectural sections up to 9.75 meters (30 feet) in length as well as specialty items.

  1. Clear anodize coating in Class I (18 µm / .0007”) and Class II (10 µm / .0004”) thickness.
  2. Bronze and black anodize coating in Class I (18 µm / .0007”) thickness.
  3. Clear, bronze and black coatings up to 25 µm / .001″ thickness.

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Consultation during initial planning stage can simplify design, fabrication and minimize colour variations.  For greater in-depth technical information, contact us.