ThermaPorte 7700 — Latest Update: February 26, 2019

  • Thermally Broken 2 ¼” (57.2 mm) thick door
  • Multiple stile and mid-rail options – narrow, medium or wide, which offer design freedom
  • For projects where heating & cooling costs are an important factor
  • High performance thermal break provides full thermal separation of interior/exterior components, allowing different interior/exterior finishes
  • 1” (25.4mm) glazing infills maintain high thermal properties
  • Dual weatherstripping ensures a complete seal from the elements
  • Mechanically fastened and welded corner construction for strength and durability
  • Accommodates majority of standard industry hardware
  • Completely factory fabricated by Alumicor for assurance in quality
  • Fabricated at Alumicor facilities only
  • Tested to AAMA and CSA requirements

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CAD Details 7700 ThermaPorte_series_T100A door-2020_02_12 7700 ThermaPorte_series_T100B door-2020_02_12 7700 ThermaPorte_series_T400A door-2020_02_12 7700 ThermaPorte_series_T400B door-2020_02_12 7700 ThermaPorte_series_T600A door-2020_02_12 7700 ThermaPorte_series_T600B door-2020_02_12

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