ThermaWall XTRM2600 — Latest Update: August 9, 2019

The superior thermal performance of the thermally broken ThermaWall 2600 curtain wall in an innovative unitized system

  • Suitable for medium to high-rise curtain wall designs
  • 2 ½” profile width available; variable mullion depths as required, 5 ¼” and 6 ⅝” are primary design options. For systems other than shown, please consult your Alumicor regional sales rep
  • Available in double and triple glazed, capped and SSG
  • Horizontal stack / expansion joint available in both capped and SSG versions, to support building movement
  • True side-load or rotational installation offers flexibility during panel insertion
  • Full structural silicone bead on all glazed components, to eliminate potential for leaking in the field
  • Unique carrier to accommodate any structural steel, sunshade or louver bracketry
  • Allows fabrication and complete unitizing in the shop; this controlled environment allows for the quality of the system to be better managed
  • Reduces the cost of field installation when compared to a stick system; unitizing allows the building to be closed in more quickly than a stick system, all without the need to perform any tasks on the outside of the building
  • Composite action “Bigfoot” thermal break offers increase resistance to wind load and true a full thermal break
  • Shadow box spandrel panel option
  • Compatible with all Alumicor operable windows, doors, etc.
  • Variety of custom caps available and special caps can be designed as per project requirements, including large caps
  • Unique glass support eliminates concerns of dead loads on the thermal break
  • Flexible to accommodate any design needs, including large caps, sunshades and louvers as well as high wind load requirements
  • Proprietary gaskets for improved thermal performance
  • Tested to AAMA 501 requirements

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CAD Details XTRM 2600-002 – 6.625 Inch Frame – 1.00in x2 Glazed_2020_09_05 XTRM 2600-004 – 5.25 Inch Frame – 1.00in x2 Glazed_2020_10_27 XTRM 2600-003 – 6.625 Inch Frame – 1.75in x3 Glazed_2021_04_28 XTRM 2600-004 – 5.25 Inch Frame – 1.75in x3 Glazed_2021_04_28

For test reports, fabrication, and installation manuals, please contact your sales representative.

Latest Update

August 9, 2019 XTRM2600 Updated Windload and Deadload charts

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