VersaWall MidLine 2200 — Latest Update: June 2, 2017

  • Traditional Stick Built curtain wall in a 2″ (50 mm) profile
  • Rain screen, pressure-equalized design
  • Suitable for storefront type applications as well as low rise curtain wall designs
  • Conventional capped system with several cap options
  • Available as a split mullion ribbon window system with 2 sided SSG option
  • “F” and “T” anchors available
  • Tested to AAMA and CSA requirements

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CAD Details versawall-midline-2200-4in-dry-frame-1-00in-x2-glazed-aluminum-pp versawall-midline-2200-4in-dry-frame-1-00in-x2-glazed-fiberglass-pp versawall-midline-2200-5in-dry-frame-1-00in-x2-glazed-aluminum-pp versawall-midline-2200-5in-dry-frame-1-00in-x2-glazed-fiberglass-pp versawall-midline-2200-2-75in-dry-frame-1-00in-x2-glazed-fiberglass-pp versawall-midline-2200-2in-dry-frame-1-00in-x2-glazed-aluminum-pp versawall-midline-2200-2in-dry-frame-1-00in-x2-glazed-fiberglass-pp

For test reports, fabrication, and installation manuals, please contact your sales representative.

Latest Update

June 2, 2017 New Technical Data Sheet!

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